Fishing & Boating

Lake City and Columbia County are home to numerous fresh water lakes and rivers. Fishing is popular and there are numerous places to try your luck. Boating, paddling, and just relaxing on the water are all popular activities for visitors and residents. View some of the most popular and accessible Fishing and Boating options below.

Alligator Lake Park

Alligator Lake Park, established in 2002, spans approximately 1,000 acres of wetlands and green space. Paddlers can find a convenient canoe launch and trail here, located just past the Ponderosa Pavilion. Meanwhile, anglers can enjoy exceptional fishing opportunities, targeting largemouth bass, bluegill, and more, with easy walking access and boatless fishing spots.

Lake Desoto

Lake Desoto has been a gathering place for locals and visitors for many years. Fishing, biking, walking and picnicking are available here. In addition, a variety of different birds, waterfowl, fish and other wildlife make this an ideal place for wildlife watching.

Lake Isabella

This charming lake has been a hub of the area for many years. A great area for picnicking or maybe just stop by and feed the ducks on a sunny afternoon. Surrounding the lake are many historic buildings and homes that paint a picture of a landscape of years gone by. Towering oak trees filled with Spanish moss provide shade and a distinct ambiance that is uniquely north Florida.

Lake Montgomery (Lake Hamburg)

Lake Montgomery, formally known as Lake Hamburg, is a favorite fishing spot in Lake City. This lake features paved parking, boat ramp, large dock and fishing pier, nature walk, and park area. A wide variety of freshwater fish can be found here such as blue gill, bass, catfish and more. Boating and paddling is also available at Lake Montgomery.

Watertown Lake

Watertown Lake is a pristine 46-acre lake, full of local species of fish such as bass, blue gill, brim and more. This lake is within a short drive of the Osceola Gun Range. Watertown Lake features a boat ramp, parking, and wildlife viewing. Great for the avid fishermen or a relaxing day on the lake.